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ZNE – Zero Net Energy

Zero Net Energy (ZNE, also called Zero Energy or Net Zero Energy) buildings produce as much energy as they consume. Starting in 2020, ZNE building techniques will be mandatory for residential housing.

How would you like to leave the temperature in your house at one setting and never worry about energy bills again? A ZNE building is self-sufficient, so it produces as much, or more, electricity than it uses.

We take the “whole house approach” to make the building truly energy efficient. This means that we look at each task, beforehand, to plan the building process, while maintaining a controlled budget.

Upgrading your home means upgrading your life!

Does your house meet the new standard?

FAQ - What is ZNE?


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Zero Net Energy will be a requirement in 2020...

…for all new residential construction in California, and all new commercial construction by 2030. This has been decided by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

We are already meeting these requirements to outperform the standards of today.

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Builders Challenge program has recognized hundreds of leading builders for their achievements in energy efficiency. We are proud to be partner of this program!

Find out more on buildings.energy.gov/zero

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home: Partner Profile

Required Steps for Zero Net Energy

Necessary steps for energy efficiency

It’s not only one thing that makes your house energy efficient. We have long-term experience with all aspects and trades to build a truly energy efficient home from the ground up.

Diagnostics of air leaks

Duct testing, blower door, Infrared diagnosis.


Step 1
Insulation and air sealing
Air Sealing and Insulation

Sealing air leaks throughout the home to stop the drafts, adding insulation to control heat lost in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Air Sealing and Insulation

Step 2
Air conditioning and ventilation

Correctly sized HVAC systems to meet your home’s needs. Connected to a properly sized, well-sealed duct system. Operating with sufficient airflow.


Step 3
LED lighting for lower energy use
LED Lighting

LED lighting uses about 75% less energy and produces 75% less heat of an traditinoal bulb. This is a large reduction for the house’s cooling system.

LED Lighting

Step 4
Solar panels for creating electricity
Solar Energy

With all these energy reductions, even a small solar system brings your energy bill to ZERO.

Solar Energy

Step 5
Tom Danielsen - Green Building Contractor

Why are we the right partner?

We are pioneers in what we do. The requirements for new buildings that will be mandatory in 2020 we are already meeting and outperform today.

We at Danielsen Construction not only look at ourselves as contractors, we are project managers for energy efficiency.

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