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Tom S.

From Yelp | Valley Springs, CA | May 25, 2015

I was lucky enough to meet Tom Danielsen through the PG&E Home Upgrade Program that included a generous rebate. Tom was one of the recommended contractors for the program. My heating and air conditioning system was 27 years old. The duct system was in very poor condition. Tom designed a system that was perfect for our house. He explained that our old unit was over-sized for our house. He showed me the design that he was doing on his computer that would improve airflow, energy efficiency, and save us money. Did I mention that I can program my thermostat on line?

Tom is a Pro. His staff is hard working and very conscientious. Tom took care of all the paperwork for the rebate program – again saving me a lot of money. I enjoyed the conversations that we had as Tom was designing our system. He is very passionate about the work that he does – building systems that are not only good for the homeowner, but for the planet too!

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J. Skeels

From Yelp | Soulsbyville, CA | January 29, 2014

I had great expections but they were all exceeded. Tom and his crew were thorough, courteous and very effective. My heating and air system was installed in 2011 and that contractor said “the ducts were checked and didn’t leak.” Tom did a duct test and found 33% leakage. He redesigned and reinstalled the ducting, caulked my tongue and groove ceiling (a clear caulk you can’t see), found my bathroom exhaust fan wasn’t vented to the outside & fixed that, insulated my attic to R50 and now I can actually use the heating and cooling to make my house comfortable and not cost me an arm & a leg. Two nights ago it was 70 deg. at 9:30 pm and at 5:00 am next morning it was 67 degrees and 42 degrees outside. The heater was turned off overnight but the house stayed warm. Tom did a blower door test to see how leaky my house was and after the work he did, the air leakage was reduced by 40%. That’s excellent! I have no desire to heat and cool the great outdoors.

Tom and his crew listened to any questions or concerns I had and addressed them all. Their work ethic and quality is the best. There are so many horror stories about contactors that never show up, do lousy work, are dirty or trash your house, etc. but if all the contractors were like these guys, there would be no stories to tell. Thank you Tom, Carlos, Umberto and Alejandro. You all are the best!

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Gary L.

From Yelp | San Francisco, CA | September 30, 2013

Wow… where do I start.

We are planning a roof replacement at our home in San Andreas. We have a roof mounted combination furnace/air conditioner unit and the heater portion was not working. so, since we were having the roof replaced, we thought that this is the time to replace the furnace.

We had a few companies lined up to give us bids for this work and Tom was one of the contractor’s that I called. He came out and asked, why did we want this unit replaced and I told him the furnace does not work very efficiently. Well on day that he came to give us an estimate, he walked through the house, climbed the roof and starting taking off the covers of the unit to check it out. He went up and down a few times carrying equipment and meters and what not… then said to me that why replace when you could fix this unit! he spent almost 2 hours at our house and didn’t want any money!

We got bids between $8,000 and $11,000 to replace the unit and modify and seal our duct work. Tom fixed our furnace for $800. He said that he would rather see us tighten up the house we got with better insulation, seal the ductwork and a solar system than spend it on the furnace. How many contractors do that?

He recommended roofers and solar system contractor for us. The roofer was one of the lowest bidders and the solar guy is coming out next week.

Tom is honest, very knowledgeable, and trusted. How many contractors can you say this about? He not only knows his stuff, I truly believe he cares. Energy efficiency is more important than making the money on a contract job. He will be my go-to guy when we work on our other house. Call Tom first, you won’t regret it!

David E.

From Yelp | Palo Alto, CA | August 28, 2013

We recently had Tom re-work the heating and add air conditioning to our cabin in Blue Lake Springs. The old system was heating only and it left the upstairs really, really cold in the winter (there was very little air coming through the registers) and without air conditioning it was extremely hot both upstairs and downstairs in the summer.

Tom did an incredible job; he is a true professional. He installed a dual zone system with Wi-Fi thermostats both upstairs and downstairs. Being Wi-Fi thermostats I am able to control the temperatures from my regular home in Palo Alto – very useful; I can set the temperature when I am travelling there, and I can set it to heat when it is very cold to prevent freezing in the cabin.
In addition Tom left the place as he found it – clean!

I have nothing but praise for Tom and his team; he really knows everything there is to know about heating and AC systems, and he has the equipment to prove it.

David S.

From Yelp | Lincoln, CA | July 14, 2013

I can’t say enough about the responsiveness and quality of Tom and his crew. We had a 150′ pine tree fall on our home in Blue Lake Springs and I called several contractors to get help with the initial tree removal and clean up. Tom was the first to respond and and was out to the site the next morning. He gave me a professional and honest assessment and helped me understand what I could expect from the insurance company. He changed his crew’s workload around so he could get his tree specialists out the next day. Alejandro and his partner took care of the 30′ section of tree still on the roof and cleaned up the remaining 100′ feet of downed tree in just one day. Other than the damage to the roof, the property was back to normal.

Thanks Tom and Alejandro for your responsiveness and quality work. I would hire again and would strongly recommend to others.

Tommy R.

From Yelp | Morro Bay, CA | July 5, 2013

This review might not sound real at first, but once you see the episode of Hotel Hell on Fox involving Murphys Historic Hotel, then you might become a believer. As the production designer for Hotel Hell, I am selective in who I like to hire because I know that there is a high level of quality expected from Gordon Ramsey.

I did my research around the local area of Murphys and found Tom Danielsen Construction. He runs a professional company that has the manpower to do the job and the attitude to make it simple and fun! I was impressed by the work ethic of his entire crew and really enjoyed working him. I hope that this review is helpful to anyone looking for a great contractor.

Elaine J.

From Yelp | Palo Alto, CA | May 8, 2013

Tom and his team did some work on a vacation cottage that my husband and I purchased last year. What could have been an incredibly stressful experience for so many reasons (remodeling in general is of course stressful, but we were managing the project from 120 miles away!) turned out to be as easy as could possibly be! We had Danielsen Construction paint all of our kitchen cabinets, install all new kitchen appliances, install 2 new exterior doors, refinish the front deck, rip out old carpeting and install laminate throughout the kitchen/dining room/living room, install plumbing fixtures in 3 bathroom sinks and 1 kitchen sink, and even repair the non-functioning fireplace and A/C units.

When he promised he’d be done in 2 weeks, we weren’t sure what to believe, as we had lived through a remodel of our primary residence that took 2 months longer than promised to complete. When Tom actually DELIVERED on his promise (actually finished in less than 2 weeks!) we were floored. To boot, it was extremely high quality work and we couldn’t be happier with it. For my husband and me, Tom has now set the bar so high for contractors that we are now scared to undertake another remodel of our primary residence! It’s too bad we live so far from him, or we’d definitely have him do that job.

We cannot recommend Tom highly enough.

Vince M.

From Yelp | Mokelumne Hill, CA | January 24, 2013

We purchased our home in 2010 and noticed that we used a lot of propane and electricity to heat and cool our house. In the spring of 2012 we had an energy audit done by Evergreen Technologies, which revealed a lot of leaks and poorly installed insulation. We then contacted Tom Danielsen to see how we could reduce our energy bills and make our house more comfortable.

Tom and his crew were extremely thorough and sealed all the ducts, removed all the insulation in the ceiling, sealed all the small holes, can lights, etc. and blew in new insulation. They also sealed everything under the floor. Our house is now much more comfortable and we hardly had to use the AC in the summer and it stays much warmer in the winter.

Our propane and electric bills have been cut in half. Tom and his crew worked very hard and these improvements will save us a lot of money in the years to come. Tom is very easy to work with in addition to being enthusiastic and very knowledgable. He did a fantastic job and still continues to check in with us regarding the comfort of our home and our energy bills.

Chris M.

From Yelp | Angels Camp, CA | January 22, 2013

This is a great company for anyone wishing to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their home. Right from the start my wife & I were impressed by Tom Danielsen’s easy manner, technical knowledge and willingness to explain how an energy audit is performed; different methods to improve efficiency . During the energy audit Tom & Bill were meticulous to make sure all of the measurements were accurate and complete. We especially appreciated how careful they were not to dirty or damage any of the walls and floors in the house.

After compiling a report of the audit results Tom presented a list of options of upgrades that would provide different levels of improvement depending on the scope of work and costs. There was no “hard sell” to do the most expensive work. We decided that a new properly sized furnace, air sealing the attic, insulating the knee walls and R-50 insulation in the attic were are best choices. The quality of work and courteousness of the work crews, led by Tom Danielsen were outstanding.

They were always on time, extremely careful to cover & protect our home furnishings, and always cleaned up after each day’s work. We have never worked with another crew that cleaned up they way this crew did.. They didn’t take shortcuts and always took care of the small details. They completed the work right on schedule. We can’t praise them enough for their helpfulness & efficiency. We are very happy with all of the results and highly recommend Danielsen Construction and Energy Management. Our home is now comfortable and using less than half the energy.

Brad O.

From Yelp | Angels Camp, CA | January 8, 2013

My wife and I are very pleased with the work Tom and his men did on our home. They reconfigured our inefficient duct work, blew in new insulation for a higher R rating and installed a new Heat Pump for a lower overall energy bill.

Now our home is comfortable through out, and our energy usage is much more efficient. I would recommend Tom Daniesen and his competent crew to do an evaluation of your home and to make it more comfortable and energy efficient. The clean up was fantastic and follow up was right on. We are very happy with the upgrade.

Clay V.

From Yelp | Tracy, CA | June 23, 2012

Tom Danielsen did some heating/AC and weatherization work at my mother in law’s house in 2011. This was through a county sponsored low income program. She was pleased at the time. Professional work, they were quick, and cleaned up after themselves. You never think of the good job they do when things are running smoothly.

Well last week my mother in law’s AC went out. After nearly a year we weren’t sure who to call. After a call to the county agency, we received a call back from Tom who stopped by SAME DAY to address the issue. Turns out fan motor and/or capacitor were bad. Tome took the unit and returned in 2 days to fix the problem. We were very pleased with the follow-up we received from Tom. He also did some compressor clean-up to improve performance while he was there. All under warranty. Excellent customer service. Even though he is not in our neighborhood, we will still consider him for future projects.

I’m not much of a Yelper, but I wanted to take the opportunity to say “Thanks.”

Donnie & Nancy Brooksher

From Yelp | Angels Camp, CA | June 18, 2012

We recently hired Tom Danielsen and his crew to do the energy retrofit work on our home. Tom’s crew were amazing in that they approached each area of repair with skills and confidence that showed through to us. Tom and his crew went the extra mile to make sure nothing was overlooked. Tom and his crew took special classes that qualified them to do the work properly. We know that the crew’s work ethics and attitudes were a direct reflection of Tom and his work ethics and attitude. We would be happy to recommend Danielsen Construction and Energy Management to anyone wanting to hire a trustworthy and honorable business person, Tom Danielsen.

Terry W.

From Yelp | Angels Camp, CA | February 10, 2011

I highly recommend Tom Danielsen Construction Co. for any new or reconstruction home project. Tom is thorough, innovative, conscientious and a pleasant individual with whom to work. The subcontractors Tom recommended were also well qualified and performed equally as well. A first class company.

Barbara T.

From Yelp | Lodi, CA | February 3, 2011

I would like to promote this man and his crew, as they are the most dedicated people I’ve come across. They have just done a job of replacing my heater/air conditioner and I can’t believe how dedicated to doing it properly they are. Their whole goal is to have it working at it’s top performance. They are very focused and do an excellent job of cleaning up as they work – NO MESS to clean up after they’re done!! I highly reccommend this business to anyone needing help and wanting to connect with an honest and trustworthy businessman. I can’t give this company enough praise – I know you’ll be happy you contacted him for any job you need done!!

From Merchantcircle | Barbara Trevena | February 03, 2011

I cannot praise this man and his workers highly enough. It’s nice to know that in these times there are still people dedicated to doing a good, professional job. They make certain that things are working at their highest level before they say a job is complete!! This is highly appreciated by someone like myself (single, female need to watch every dime I have). HIGHLY RECCOMMEND to anyone looking for professional work and good results!!!

Heating and Air Conditioning Performance
From Merchantcircle | Bill Soest | February 04, 2011

I am a certified HERS rater. We perform the independant third-party verification testing after contractors perform installation or repair work. Tom and his crew consistently get the best possible performance out of units they install. This includes having less duct leakage than allowed by the State of California, and the best amount of airflow possible from the system. Tom also follows all regulatory requirements by obtaining all required building permits, and inspections. Bottom line, you get what you paid for when working with Tom.

From Merchantcircle | Barbara Trevena | February 03, 2011

I would highly reccoment this company to anyone needing home repair work done. Not only are they dedicated to making certain a job is done, and done to the best end result, BUT they also cleanup so that when they leave a job, one does not have to go behind them and pickup leftover messes!! This gentleman and his crew are highly professional and are dedicated to doing a most professional job with perfect results!! I cannot say enough good about the job they do – it’s so welcomed in these times of dealing with un-knows. You can have complete trust that the job is done to the highest results possible.

Tom Danielsen is an energy guru!
From Merchantcircle | Marie Schafle | October 21, 2009

Tom Danielsen can tell you more about how to make your home efficient than you ever wanted to know. He can diagnose your house and find all the places where energy, heat, cold, leak out and seal them up. It makes your house nearly as efficient as a refridgerator and really lowers the energy bills and your carbon footprint! Once you get him talking about it you’ll feel like your listening to the Energy Professor. This guy knows what he’s talking about and he can do what he says he can.

Energy Management

From Merchantcircle | Matthew Connolly | June 01, 2011

Let me be the first of many i’m sure to tell you the Danielsen team go’s over and beyond the standards. On the job they did for me they were always on time ,friendly,fast and efficient,clean and professional on all tasks.Tom made sure i fully understood the job and what i needed to do as far as the home owner.

my house was killing us

From Merchantcircle | James Dosh | February 10, 2011

Danielsen construction saved my family, finding gas leaks in our gas lines, stove was leaking gas, release vent were not vented properly, and some not even there, we would highly recommend Tom and his very skilled crew. P.S WHAT WONDERFUL TEAM WORK

A job well done
From Merchantcircle | Terry Weygandt | February 10, 2011

I highly recommend Tom Danielsen Construction Co. for any new or reconstruction home project. Tom is thorough, innovative, conscientious and a pleasant individual with whom to work. The subcontractors Tom recommended were also well qualified and performed equally as well.


From Merchantcircle | J Dosh | February 09, 2011

Danielsen and his crew came to my home and performed a series of tests. He discovered our gas flue system connected to our hot water heater and our furnace, located in our walking crawl space were violently leaking CO in to our home. This now made sense to me why my family has been feeling flu type systems and serious headaches for the last four years, ever since we had our new furnace installed. We had his company move the existing furnace and re- vent both water heater and the furnace to the roof in independent venting systems and he also acquired all the right permitting to do so. We finally feel healthy and normal in our home. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE!

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