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We are now partner of the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Program

December 3rd, 2015

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DOE Zero Energy Ready Home: Partner Profile

We are part of a group of contractors that are licensed by the DOE to perform Zero Energy Ready Home upgrades.

We are happy to announce that Danielsen Construction & Energy Management is now a partner of the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home Program!

Zero Energy refers to a relatively new philosophy in construction – that is, we can, we should, and we will design and construct new homes and buildings to be vastly more efficient than ever before. The idea is that a building should be constructed such that, with the addition of a renewable energy source, it will be able to produce as much energy as it uses.

But it’s not just about solar – you may be surprised to learn that it’s actually all the other stuff that really makes a building efficient. Though less glamorous, high quality air sealing, ductwork, and insulation, coupled with properly sized HVAC appliances, are the real workhorses here.

A Zero Energy Ready Home will be 40%-50% more efficient than average new home, according to the DOE. To reach this goal, they have set a comprehensive list of requirements, including qualifications from several rating systems such as Energy Star, IECC, HERS, and even the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS program. And it’s not just about energy – water efficiency is a factor as well.

The long list might be a bit intimidating, but it’s actually quite achievable. Danielsen Construction has been building ZNE homes for years. Many things we do already exceed the standards set forth by the Zero Energy Ready Home program. And we know that it’s not just about using better materials or more expensive appliances – it’s more about design and execution.

“Efficient” doesn’t mean “Expensive” – in fact, sometimes they are quite the opposite. For example, efficient HVAC means having the right size furnace and air conditioner, which usually means going smaller – much smaller! Most homeowners have no idea how oversized their appliances are. After a successful energy upgrade, they are often astounded by the difference in comfort and air quality. A properly sized furnace and AC will provide steady, quiet, evenly distributed heating and cooling, not to mention a lower energy bill.

Home Performance is all about win-win situations. For example, air sealing means better indoor air quality. Smaller appliances use less energy and make less noise. Better insulation means comfort, efficiency, and often less noise as well. Efficient water distribution systems can still provide rapid hot water without leaving it sitting in the pipes. Proper duct engineering means steady airflow and even temperatures from room to room. HVAC appliances that don’t cycle on and off constantly (which happens when they’re oversized) will last much longer!

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