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Ductless Mini-Split Systems: for more comfort and lower energy bills

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Benefits of ductless mini-split systems

  • No duct work required. Perfect for houses with limited space for the conditioning system.
  • Room-by-room control: Adjust settings separately in different areas of your home.
  • Mini-splits are quiet! The outdoor unit does all the work, inside it’s whisper-quiet.
  • Stop paying for heating and cooling: Run the outdoor unit entirely on solar energy.
  • Mini-splits are 300% more efficient than gas furnaces
  • Quick and hassle-free installation. A whole home installation is usually done within 1 or 2 days, the process is only minimally invasive to the building. So no mess in your home!

Take control of the comfort in your home

Reliable and accurate room-by-room control ensures optimal comfort for everyone living in your home. No delays because of a complex duct system, the system reacts instantly to adjustments of the settings.

Mini-splits save you money

Half of your energy consumption is used for heating and cooling. Going duct-less results in an average of 30% efficiency gain.

What makes mini-splits so efficient?

The outdoor unit that can be run entirely with solar panels. This way you don’t pay for electricity for heating and cooling.

Only run the units where and when needed. You can simply turn off the units in rooms and areas you’re not using.


The extremely flexible multi-zone system is suitable for every home, add-on or cabins – will fit your needs.

Mix and match unit styles and sizes

Efficiently heat and cool up to five zones with Fujitsu’s 5-Zone Multi-Split-System – and create the perfect comfort zone by mixing indoor unit styles and sizes. Areas in your home can be individually controlled, even remotely.

Fujitsu mini-splits unit styles

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Fujitsu General product information
“Quietly revolutionizing energy-efficient home comfort”

Advantages of ENERGY STAR Certified Ductless Heat Pumps
“Cutting heating costs in half compared to conventional electric heating systems. (…) ENERGY STAR certified ductless mini-split heat pumps use 60% less energy than standard home electric resistance-based heating systems. Cutting cooling costs by 30% compared to conventional room air conditioners.”

US Department of Energy about Ductless, Mini-Split Heat Pumps

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