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Without proper insulation and air sealing there’s no energy efficiency

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A building is a closed system. Attic, walls, crawl space – one component affects all other areas.

The Reason: The Stack Effect

The Stack Effect - heat loss
When a house is being heated, warm air escapes at the top. This causes cold air being drawn in at the bottom.
Stack Effect - cool air loss in summer
In summer during cooling season the effect is reversed. Cool air can be pushed down and escapes at the bottom.

That’s why insufficiently air sealed and insulated attics are the main cause for heating and cooling loss.

We use loose fill insulation and air sealing techniques to prevent energy loss. Walls need to be insulated and air sealed. Avoid moisture and mold in your home: crawl space encapsulation.

Components of a building

It’s not enough to only insulate single areas of a home. All areas of the building must work well together.

Give us the opportunity for finding the best approach for your home. We will help you save money in future years!

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