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Duct systems can cause problems

Let’s face it, ducts a quite a pain in the you know what. They’re bulky and take up a lot of space inside your house. They are not very accessible, so fixing or cleaning them becomes a huge task.

Duct systems run either at full power or not at all, 100 or 0%. It takes 10 to 15 minutes for them to reach full performance.

In average, traditional heating and cooling systems loose 25 to 40 % efficiency through the duct work. That means you can have high energy bills, but your home might still not be comfortable.

When you adjust your thermostat you’re normally changing the temperature for the whole building. In order to adjust the temperature in one room, several other rooms are affected, even if you’re not using them at the moment.

Rodents can chew through the insulation, and not only will there be efficiency loss because of the holes – often rodents end up living in the ducts. Their feces, and also mold and spores can worsen indoor air quality and can be very harmful, especially since through the ducts it will reach every part of your home.

In some cases rodents even die in the duct work. It’s very complicated to get them out and disinfect the system.

In every duct system dust gets collected and needs to get cleaned out regularly. As the heating and cooling system blows air throughout your home, dust and grime come out with it.

Long reaction time for temperature changes, other rooms cooled and heated that might not need it, all this is energy that could be saved.

Heating and cooling is one system, no need for fossil fuels, run on clean energy.

And not to forget, HVAC systems can be quite noisy – you will be reminded every time they turn back on.

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